Why I went from the full-size iPad to the mini?

big to small ipad

In June 2012, I purchased an iPad 2. (Read my old post about getting an iPad for less than $500: http://bit.ly/1gKfOf1) I was completing my MLIS at Florida State University, it was my graduation gift to myself. At the time, I was reading a lot of PDF’s and articles. The iPad was a great way to have all that stuff with me whenever I got a free moment to do some school work. The large size meant there wouldn’t be a lot of zooming.

Fast forward to March 2014. I take my iPad 2 everywhere, Apple has discontinued it, the iOS 7 update has me wanting to throw my baby out the window. What is a woman to do? First, that woman had to decide that she did indeed want another iPad. The 2nd generation Nexus 7 looked pretty good. I love my S4, so Android tablets were definitely an option.

After deciding that I would indeed buy another iPad, the decision became which one. Full-size or mini? Once I got comfortable with the iPad and more of my circle had their own tablets, it went everywhere with me. The mini would be even more portable. The 1st generation mini was out of the question; under the hood it’s the 2’s little brother. iPad mini with Retina display it was.

As you remember from my post about the case shopping adventure (http://bit.ly/1h7aGlX)  the mini is still in it’s box. I’ll post about my experience once my case arrives.

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