Why I finally got a keyboard for my ipad?

After having the iPad for over a year and half, my use of it has changed. When I bought it, I was still in graduate school. It was part early graduation gift to myself, part a way to read all those PDFs without having to lug my Macbook every where or waste a bunch of paper. Once I finished school, I discovered all these newspaper and magazine apps that meant I would never have to carry a bunch of paper ever again. Further, I could indulge my pack rat tendencies without fear of being nominated for an episode of Hoarders. I had Dropbox installed on my macbook and phone, but now I could have all my saved articles in all my cloud storage services ready to read at any time! Talk about heaven!

Now that my life has settled again, I have started to revisit some of my writing projects. This blog is one of them; the others are a fiction book, non-fiction book, and a musings journal. I want to be able to get my ideas down almost immediately. I refuse to call my ideas “inspiration”, as that word is used to describe almost anything and therefore has lost it’s meaning. Anyway, I thought that it would be economical to start carrying my macbook. That was not going to happen.

So after deciding that I did indeed want a keyboard for my iPad I started to research options. Do I want an always on keyboard, easily detachable, or completely separate? I decided against the completely separate option as that is too much to carry. Sometimes I carry my iPad in my purse. Other times, I put it in a sleeve and carry it in a larger bag. The separate keyboard wouldn’t work for carrying it in my purse. This lead to an endless reading of product reviews on keyboard folio cases for the iPad 2. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover came up in my initial searches, but it was over $100 at the time. Wasn’t going to happen. I will explain in a later post how I eventually ended up with this keyboard.

My keyboard has made me fall in love with my iPad again, now it truly is a compliment to my macbook. I can get my thoughts down when I am out and about, then fix things up at home on the macbook. I should have bought this keyboard a long time ago.