White Noise Ambience Lite: Great App for Sleeping

It happens to us all¬†occasionally.¬† Our sleep clock is thrown completely off. A few weeks ago, I noticed that I was extremely tired during the day, but at night I just couldn’t fall asleep. As a possible solution, I would refuse to take a nap during the day and hope to finally be able to fall asleep at night. That didn’t work.

Usually when I need background noise while I am sleeping, I open the window and listen to the traffic. With the winter weather we have had, this has not been an option.

In comes White Noise Ambience Lite. It’s free for the iPad. There are 21 sounds to choose from. I usually just listen to Ocean Waves, but there is Campfire, Washing Machine, Fridge, etc. On the nights I can’t get to sleep, this is the solution.

Sweet dreams!