Rave: The Samsung Galaxy S4 from Metro PCS is awesome!!!

What’s that radio commercial: “I got a lame phone, I want a cool phone.” That was my tune a few weeks ago. My lame phone was the LG Motion. Never heard of it; don’t worry, nobody else has either. In 2012, it was a major upgrade for me. It replaced the LG Optimus M. The Optimus was my first smartphone and one of the first offered by Metro Pcs. I have been a loyal Metro PCS customer since Christmas 2004.

Anyway, I have always purchased the “not best phone that Metro has”. Metro PCS does not subsidize or finance phones; you pay full freight. This time however, I decided to treat myself and finally get the “nice phone”. What’s my definition of the nice phone? The nice phone is the one you’re not embarrassed to own. People ask “What kind of phone is that?” and you don’t respond “Oh, it’s nothing you’ve ever heard of.” It’s the phone where you have the option of shopping for cases; no more generic rubber bumper for me.

Metro PCS is currently selling the S4 for $550; Best Buy has it for $520. By the time you add tax, the price is the same as Amazon. I bought mine at Best Buy and got an Otterbox Defender case from Amazon. I don’t believe in expensive cases, but I just spent $550 for a phone that has to last at least 2 years.

I love it!!! The screen is amazing, it’s so fast and responsive. This phone runs on Metro’s and T-Mobile’s 4G networks so the data connectivity is awesome. Is this a thorough review? No, but there are plenty of those on the web. Do you have a new S4? Leave your comments below.