Rant: Why is it so hard to find a case for the iPad mini with retina display?

no ipad mini retina case

I recently purchased a new iPad mini with retina display. I have an iPad 2 so it’s a nice upgrade. Here is the problem: I can’t unbox it yet.

I bounced over to the Apple store and walked out with my new purchase. The very courteous sales guy showed me the cases. The Michael Kors clutch is beautiful, but its $129.99. The Apple Smart Case is more practical, but $70 is still too much to spend on a case. No problem, I thought, I can get one from somewhere else.

My first stop was Walmart. There were no cases for the iPad mini with retina display. As I’m sure you know, the 2nd mini is slightly thicker and has a second microphone on the back. Many cases are labeled compatible for both, but that’s simply not true. I have read comments on message boards where people complain that one corner of their iPad won’t fit in the case. And even if it does fit, the case is no good if there is no cut out for the second microphone.

see no 2nd mic hole

My second stop was Best Buy. I normally don’t shop there because the prices are way higher than the competition. However, I have a new iPad and I want a case  for it before it comes out of the box. There were many options in different price ranges for the first generation iPad mini. Not so much for the mini with retina display. The one case I was considering would not have been a good color match. I bought the white & silver iPad.

I then proceeded to Target and Office Depot. Nothing. Talk about being bummed. The original plan was to order the iPad online and order a case from Amazon. My impatience got the better of me. So my new iPad is sitting in the box, I’m waiting for Amazon to ship my case, and my iPad 2 gets to be a star for a few more days.

This sucks!