My thoughts on the Kindle Oasis

There is a lot of hoopla over the latest kindle officially announced last week. There are now 4 kindle e-readers to choose from:

  • Kindle: $79.99
  • Paperwhite: $119.99
  • Voyage: $199.99
  • Oasis: $289.99

When I decided to buy a kindle, the options were between the paperwhite and the voyage. (The regular kindle wasn’t an option because it doesn’t have the built in backlight.) The difference between the two is $80. Is the voyage “better”? Yes. Is it $80 better? Not in my opinion. So I went with the paperwhite.

Now the oasis comes along: $289.99. I refuse to pay $300 for an e-reader. I love my paperwhite, but it is a one-trick pony. Why would you pay $300 for a one-trick pony when you can get other devices for the same price that do that trick and more? The oasis does include a charging cover, unlike other models, but still. I have included the kindle comparison chart here:

kindle comparison chart from

I’m sure the resolution is great and it’s lightweight and it’s the best kindle yet. However, $300 is insane. I can’t advise anyone to buy this thing.

Do you feel differently? Let me know in the comments.