I’ve finally bought a piece of “real” art

It’s finally happened. I’ve bought my first “real” art piece. My definition here is something created by a real person who can attribute their work to themselves. This moment has been greatly anticipated.

The piece is “Kenya”. The artist is McKinson Souverain. He’s based in SE Florida. As you can see, it’s beautiful.

"Kenya" in my dining area
“Kenya” in my dining area

McKinson didn’t ask me to share his work. In fact, I have never met or spoken to him. I became acquainted with Mckinson’s work on Facebook; he’s connected to someone from highschool. I spent some time looking through his site and promised myself that some of the pieces would occupy my new home.

Granted, it’s taken a while for me to start buying artwork. While I furnished the place pretty quickly, I have taken my time with decorations. The primary reason: there is a line between decorated and cluttered. When it comes to home decor, I detest an over abundance of knick knacks. Knick knacks being purely decorative items that serve no functional purpose. In addition to making the place feel junky, they are surfaces for dust and dirt to gather.

I will buy a few more pieces as I finally decorate the rooms in my house. Check out the site; it’s amazing work.