I got a kindle fire hd 10!

I recently purchased a Kindle Fire HD 10; I’ve had it for about 6 weeks now. It’s already a great buy at $150, but I got it during a prime exclusive sale for even less. Check back for a video with my hands on with it.

Back in 2016, I bought a kindle fire 7 and was impressed with what you get in such a cheap package (read about that here). That fire is currently up on the wall in my bathroom, functioning as a clock and entertainment center. I use it to watch netflix or prime video when I’m doing my hair or going through my “getting for bed” routine.

Why not an ipad or high-end android tablet

Those of you who have read previous posts probably know that I have owned an ipad 2 and a 2nd generation ipad mini. I sold the mini a few months ago, the 2 is languishing somewhere in a drawer. In case you’re curious: the mini was in excellent condition. As my smartphone got bigger, the mini seemed to get smaller. It no longer felt like a device that was in between my phone and macbook, but rather a phone with no cellular connection. Basically an ipod touch.

I didn’t sell the ipad 2 back when I could have gotten a decent price for it and I won’t sell it now. It’s old hardware that won’t run certain apps and won’t update past iOS 9. As of the publishing of this post, we’re on iOS 12. So it will sit until I find a company who will actually recycle it and not turn around and sell it to some unsuspecting innocent. Comment below if you know of such a company.

“Real” android tablets didn’t make the cut because well…there aren’t any exciting options right now as far as I’m concerned. (FYI: the fire line runs on a highly customized version of android.) A few years ago, there were choices. Now, google has abandoned Nexus branded tablets that offered pure android. Bonus, they are moving toward chrome OS instead of android. Samsung makes a nice product, but I don’t care for the samsung apps (aka bloatware). If only those apps could be deleted. I did look closely at sub-$200 tablets from samsung, lenovo, and a couple others. I found that a lot of them weren’t going to get android Oreo and certainly not Pie. Add that to inferior specs, no thanks.

Price was a large part of the reason I didn’t go with an ipad or high-end android tablet. I’m not morally opposed to paying premium prices for good tech, but this purchase didn’t require that. I read on my tablet. Websites, PDF’s, articles I’ve saved to pocket, news stories in the wapo app, etc. Yes, an ipad can do that and more. And do it well. I know that from my own experience owning those devices. The fact is, I don’t do the “and more” on my tablet. Any writing, photo editing, etc happens on my chromebook or macbook. My tablet is the couch surfing device; the kindle fire is more than adequate for that.

Pssst…the google play store can be added. Google search it and you’ll see. Enough said about that.

Let me know what you think by commenting below!