Google Play Music

I’ve had my google play music subscription for a few months now. Here’s why I like it.

Why I didn’t go with another service

There are several streaming music services: Pandora, Spotify, Apple  Music, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, etc. I’ve never used Tidal or Spotify  so I can’t speak to those. Let me explain about the others.

I’ve have used the free version of Pandora for quite some time. I think the selection is good and the service does a great job of playing music that I like. The free version did not offer a way to import my personal music library. Google music did and still does. More about that later.

Apple Music
I used it a few times during the free trial. I wasn’t impressed. The playlists for Todays Rap Hits and Today’s R&B hits left a lot to be desired. I don’t know if their algorithm has improved since then, but I haven’t felt the need to go back. At the time I started to consider a streaming music service, apple music was only available on apple devices.

Amazon Prime Music
Again, the music selection was terrible. I tried it one day while I was on the bus. I chose the station for today’s rap hits and was very disappointed. I don’t know what the story is, but I won’t be using this one again.

Google Music

As previously stated, pandora was my choice for quite a while. I started looking elsewhere when I wanted to be able to listen to my music on my phone. That issue came up because my iPod classic started to die. Anyway, this very important feature introduced me to google play music. Then I could listen on any device. Once google announced that a youtube red subscription would be included I was all in.

$9.99 a month gets me unlimited, commercial free listening on google music and watching on youtube. I can also download music and videos for times when I don’t have a data connection. The music catalog is huge. I can find just about everything I’m looking for. The only thing I have looked for that wasn’t there was the album “It’s Personal” by Tina Campbell.

Just as a tip, when you upload music from your personal library use google music manager. Uploading through the website will take forever. I spent days trying to upload my itunes library before I read something that said to download the music manager.

So that’s it. Questions? Comments? Post below.