Goodbye to Sunrise calendar

Sunrise has been my calendar app of choice for the last few years now. I’m sad to see it go.

Tweet I posted after I read that Sunrise was being shut down.

There are two features that I absolutely loved.

  1. It displayed the right colors for my google calendars.
  2. I could view an event description without opening the edit view.

It displayed the right colors for my google calendars

There are plenty of apps that sync with google calendars, none of them do it as well as sunrise. I add the accounts and presto. Sunrise replicates the colors you chose in gmail calendar. If your events are yellow there, they are yellow in sunrise. Not that awful brown that I am stuck with in calendar on iOS. More about that later.

I could view an event description without opening the edit view

This was awesome. I just click on the event and the description comes up. I discovered this when I was taking classes. The goal was to have my assignments in a calendar view without having to use a different app. So, I logged into gmail and created a new calendar called “Agenda” and made it green. I added my assignments. One click and I could see what I had to do. There was no second click to open the event and then a scroll to read the description. This may sound like a small thing, but it’s huge to me.¬†This feature is so huge that I sent an email to the developers letting them know that.

The developers responded to me with this message.

This is the email the sunrise developers sent me back.

What I’m using now

On my android phone: Google Calendar. My previous phone was a galaxy s4 and google calendar wasn’t compatible with it. Now I have the nexus 5x and it works perfectly. One feature available on android that’s not on iOS is the month view. It’s important to my personal workflow to be able to put the entire month in perspective.

On my ipad: Calendar. Yep, the stock calendar app. I hate it. Primarily because of the color issue that I mentioned earlier. My calendar events for my primary gmail account are yellow, not brown. My holidays calendar is red, not faded burgundy. Please fix this Apple.

On my macbook: I haven’t picked a replacement app yet. I’ll just use the web browser for now.

So that’s it. Goodbye Sunrise, it was nice knowing you.