Google Play Music

I’ve had my google play music subscription for a few months now. Here’s why I like it. Why I didn’t go with another service There are several streaming music services: Pandora, Spotify, Apple  Music, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, etc. I’ve never used Tidal or Spotify  so I can’t speak to those. Let me explain about … Read more

Goodbye to Sunrise calendar

Sunrise has been my calendar app of choice for the last few years now. I’m sad to see it go. There are two features that I absolutely loved. It displayed the right colors for my google calendars. I could view an event description without opening the edit view. It displayed the right colors for my google … Read more

OneNote feedback

OneNote is currently my note taking app of choice. It is just about perfect. The issue is the slowness. Loading and syncing take a ridiculous amount of time. This is whether I am on mobile, mac app, or the online interface. I started to wonder if there was a way to let Microsoft know what … Read more

My thoughts on the Kindle Oasis

There is a lot of hoopla over the latest kindle officially announced last week. There are now 4 kindle e-readers to choose from: Kindle: $79.99 Paperwhite: $119.99 Voyage: $199.99 Oasis: $289.99 When I decided to buy a kindle, the options were between the paperwhite and the voyage. (The regular kindle wasn’t an option because it … Read more