I’m starting a youtube channel!

That’s right folks, I’m starting a youtube channel. List, Check, Done is live and even has an intro video. I’ll be covering technology, lifestyle, and any other things I want to throw in. Follow me here and on the socials to keep up.

Twitter: @listcheckdone, Instagram: @listdone. And of course: subscribe to my channel!

Let the loc journey begin

So…I’ve decided to loc my hair. That’s right: dreadlocks. This is my first hair post, but as I said back in August, I’ll be writing about different topics. Because this blog is a hobby and not a business, it can be about whatever I feel like talking about. I hate doing my hair! Those of … Read more

Back again

I know! How many of these “back again” posts will there be? I expect things to go differently this time because I’ve accepted a truth. The truth: I want my blog to cover different topics, not just technology. Fighting that truth backed me into an uncreative corner. So you will see different types of posts … Read more

Back Again

I know, I know. It has been a long while since I’ve posted something. I apologize to the one person who may have have come across my blog and decided to follow it. What’s happening with the site? I have decided to take the site in new directions. Gadgetlove by D was the original name … Read more

Google Play Music

I’ve had my google play music subscription for a few months now. Here’s why I like it. Why I didn’t go with another service There are several streaming music services: Pandora, Spotify, Apple  Music, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, etc. I’ve never used Tidal or Spotify  so I can’t speak to those. Let me explain about … Read more