I’ve finally bought a piece of “real” art

It’s finally happened. I’ve bought my first “real” art piece. My definition here is something created by a real person who can attribute their work to themselves. This moment has been greatly anticipated. The piece is “Kenya”. The artist is McKinson Souverain. He’s based in SE Florida. As you can see, it’s beautiful. McKinson didn’t … Read more

Let the loc journey begin

So…I’ve decided to loc my hair. That’s right: dreadlocks. This is my first hair post, but as I said back in August, I’ll be writing about different topics. Because this blog is a hobby and not a business, it can be about whatever I feel like talking about. I hate doing my hair! Those of … Read more

Back again

I know! How many of these “back again” posts will there be? I expect things to go differently this time because I’ve accepted a truth. The truth: I want my blog to cover different topics, not just technology. Fighting that truth backed me into an uncreative corner. So you will see different types of posts … Read more

Google Play Music

I’ve had my google play music subscription for a few months now. Here’s why I like it. Why I didn’t go with another service There are several streaming music services: Pandora, Spotify, Apple  Music, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, etc. I’ve never used Tidal or Spotify  so I can’t speak to those. Let me explain about … Read more